Given his broad and diverse experience, Alex Ivanikiw is a strong advocate of integrated project delivery within the industry, a delivery approach which lends itself well to the LIFTbuild philosophy. He has participated in over $1 billion of design-build projects and has led the development of the collaborative delivery model. He is actively involved in AIA, DBIA and ESD activities and has presented delivery strategies on a national level.

Alex Ivanikiw, Visionary & Industrialist LIFTbuild™

Alex is passionate about innovating the architectural, engineering, and construction industry and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience. An architect at heart, Alex understands the vision and dedication of planning and design through the LIFTbuild process.

His responsibilities include providing strategic development and implementation of the company business model, identifying new market and client opportunities, establishing strategic partnerships, and providing leadership and direction for the LIFTbuild team. With 27 years at Barton Malow Company leading to his formation of LIFTbuild, Alex has played a fundamental role in the creation of the company’s vision and strategic direction.

Famous Visionaries and Industrialists in history:
Henry Ford, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey

Alex brings an acute understanding of Design and Construction to LIFTbuild. He serves as the Industrialist for the Company and leads a collective team built to strengthen the innovations that LIFTbuild is bringing to the market.