Marisa Varga has served in many roles for over 18 years in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Over the course of her career, she has led efforts for business strategy, self-perform services, planning, logistics, estimating, the Barton Malow Foundation, marketing, and business development. Marisa is passionate about construction, as well as our ability to build and better our communities.

Marisa Varga, Strategist & Promoter LIFTbuild™

Marisa provides overall business strategy and direction for the LIFTbuild team. She sets goals for the organization, develops client and partner relationships, and speaks on behalf of the team to promote our efforts of demonstrating the innovations and efficiencies behind LIFTbuild’s manufacturing process.

Serving as a leading-edge innovator within the team, Marisa’s leadership of LIFTbuild as an industry-disrupting build solution is changing the way developers and builders approach their projects.

Famous Strategists and Promoters in history:
Sun-Tzu (The Art of War), Sir Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Don King

Beyond delivering construction projects safely, on time and within budget, Marisa aims to provide new and innovative solutions in order to get our clients’ products to market quickly through the facilities that help build our communities.