Michelle Ryan manages LIFTbuild’s estimating process utilizing a collaborative approach, working closely with our planners, designers and subcontractor partners from program onset throughout construction.

With more than 20 years of experience leading estimating projects across multiple markets, including residential, commercial, institutional and manufacturing, Michelle has an in-depth understanding of market trends to effectively estimate cost of materials and labor on LIFTbuild projects.

Michelle has been recognized for her ability to work with younger estimators across the organization. Serving as a mentor, she is skilled not only as a trainer, but also has the ability to bring out the individual strengths of those she works with, enabling them to excel.

Beyond knowing how to work the numbers, Michelle actively seeks out the use of estimating systems that aid in developing cost models, as well as platforms that streamline the bid management process. While her expertise is rooted in sound practices, Michelle is on the leading edge of ensuring LIFTbuild’s projects are not just innovative, but also cost effective.