Forward-thinking with respect for tradition

The design of the Convention Center Hotel focuses on key elements by the City of Raleigh to provide full support and amenities by the City to provide full support and amenities to the surrounding area and to provide a much-needed increase in rooms and convenient access to the Convention Center.

Our design expresses the vibrancy of Raleigh, respecting its history while bringing it forward into the future with a concept that is sleek and modern, respecting all sides the building faces with the entry to the Fayetteville Street Corridor. The hotel respects the spaces between buildings – allowing the user to fully experience downtown and access the Raleigh Convention Center, the Red Hat Amphitheater and provide spectacular views of the Duke Energy Performing Arts Center. The podium utilizes limestone paneling to align with the PAC’s façade with a modern interpretation of the fenestration.

By orienting the tower to the south, the northern face of the hotel is pushed away from the downtown area, allowing unobstructed views toward the Capitol. The roof garden becomes the downward scene from the rooms above. The tower is situated to one side of the block to create 360-degree views, distancing itself from the tall corridor of towers looking down Lafayette Street. Aligning with code intent and the City’s comprehensive plan update, the massing of the podium was kept as low as possible to maintain a relationship with the pedestrian activity that surrounds it.