Prototype Office Building

Project Mercury is LIFTbuild’s prototypical office facility. This LIFTbuild office building consists of slip-formed structural spines and steel-framed floorplates assembled at-grade and then lifted and locked into their final location. All building systems are installed at-grade prior to the lifting operation. Interior buildout is completed at final location in an environmentally controlled space.

Structural spines | Slip-formed structural spines house vertical distribution elements, eliminating conventional support columns. Spines are slip-formed at a rate of one floor per day, utilizing 100-year-old means and methods. No tower cranes are needed on site. Slip-forming rigs contain multiple levels of platforms and include integrated fall and environmental / elemental protection.

Floorplates | A cantilever structural system is assembled safely and efficiently on an assembly pad at-grade, including reinforced concrete slab-on-deck. Floorplate and roofplates are all bolted steel connections, assembled at an ergonomic height on top of steel pedestals. The assembly process begins at ground level, three feet above the assembly pad. Once steel is erected, traditional metal deck is installed with pour stops.

Under-deck MEP systems + fireproofing | Fireproofing and pre-assembled mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are installed at-grade. While all underplate installations occur, all above-deck installations of subsystems occur simultaneously.

Above-deck interior materials | Interior modules and materials are placed onto the assembled floorplate simultaneously with the installation of the panelized exterior envelope utilizing roll-off / roll-on loading of building materials and pre-assembled modular units.

Lifting operations | The complete floorplate assembly is raised to its assigned floor level and permanently secured to the concrete structural spine. On average, it takes seven days to fully assemble, load and raise a 10,000 SF floorplate, lifting at an average of 30 feet per hour. Lifts can occur through either the use of strand jacking from atop the spines or hydraulic jacks positioned beneath the floorplates. Specific lifting beam and lock-in mechanism details are proprietary.

Fit-out + finish | Interior build-out begins as the floors are assembled and lifted into place below. The assembly process continues, facilitating environmentally protected interiors for ongoing build-out. The process meets and exceeds all building codes, including seismic and hurricane requirements.