The LIFTbuild technology provides a much safer work platform by using repetition, prefabrication, and a concentration of work at grade.

Enhanced Safety

Events caused by gravity — most specifically, various types of falls — are the leading cause of serious accidents or fatalities in the construction industry. LIFTbuild’s erection sequence provides significant improvement in trade safety by simultaneously maintaining conditions in which workers are not exposed to heights requiring tie-off and by providing permanent fall protection from the ground level.

All roof and floor plate assemblies are done at ground level. Once the floor plates have been assembled, the exterior façade and selected building systems are installed above and below the floor plate. During floor plate assembly, the LIFTbuild technology raises a floor six to eight feet off the ground to install mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems at a comfortable height for trades workers. The entire floor plate is then lifted to its final position and locked into place. The process enables reduced structural complexity, increased assembly efficiency, and standardization of components and work activities.

Overall, LIFTbuild successfully decreases schedule, cost, safety, and sustainability risks compared to traditional building construction. The reduced risk is driven by the inherent safety and sustainability attributes and demonstrated in actual delivery results. LIFTbuild’s approach drives the probability of occurrence and severity of incidents to their lowest levels, whereas conventional construction risk management only addresses probability.

For example, assembling steel at height in conventional construction carries risk regarding the probability of a fall and the severity of the potential injury. Risk management under these circumstances focuses on eliminating the opportunity for a fall.

With the LIFTbuild approach, steel is assembled on the ground, making the probability of a fall and its potential for injury essentially zero. Unlike conventional construction, the LIFTbuild effectively mitigates the severity of potential injury by eliminating the height or gravity effect, which can only significantly impact the probability of occurrence.