Top down construction isn't a new concept. The LIFTbuild® approach to Vertical Manufacturing℠ begins on the ground, where construction occurs with a structurally engineered solution, creating a safe and efficient Vertical Manufacturing environment.

An Industry primed for change

Formation of LIFTbuild

Since its inception in 2017, LIFTbuild® has focused on developing projects for tall buildings in the hospitality, residential, mixed-use, office, healthcare, and science/laboratory markets. R&D efforts have resulted in 15+ US Patents, which protect LIFTbuild’s unique technological and delivery means and methods. By 2020, LIFTbuild had significantly improved system safety with innovative means, methods, and technologies centered on the superstructure, façade, assembly pad, and lifting. Our application of the LIFTbuild technology at the Exchange project validated the findings of the LIFTbuild team’s research, development, and testing, propelling us forward to transform how the world is built.

A Member of the Barton Malow Family of Companies

Barton Malow’s long-term goal is to build innovative and trust-based solutions. To do this, Barton Malow has invested in developing transformative technologies, including LIFTbuild. As a member of the Barton Malow Family of Companies, LIFTbuild has the strength, resources, and operating structure for continued development and success.